WINGS Foundation is a non-profit based in Sweden that aims to make a long-term difference on a global scale. We want to answer to the question: ”How to do the most good?”. Our response is to create a ripple effect that we neither want or can measure. Because true success is not about numbers but working passionately together and shining your light on the world. For us, it is not important to be the biggest but instead to be the best in our category.

We have worked mostly in Nepal with education but with our ongoing project "Children of the World", we are expanding rapidly to more countries and continents.

The biggest difference between us and the huge organisations is how we work locally in Sweden. Our vision is to involve students at schools with educational activities and fundraising programs where we set a common goal to achieve.

We work together as a team and WINGS Foundation make sure that the funds and the materials that we gather will be directed to a specific project abroad. That project is later completed, documented and shared to the ones that supported the initiative.
We use a camera as our main tool for storytelling and our photo|videography gives the youngsters a massive inspiration but we also use this momentum to combat bullying, depression and all kinds of injustices that exists in schools today.

For our partners, we share their efforts through our programs/activities/social media and update them regularly about our progress.

We are proud recipients of the Kilroy Foundation €1.500 grant for our project “Children of the World”.




We realised quickly that our actions at WINGS might and could cause harm. Every action has consequences, often ones we don't intend.

To avoid causing unnecessary harm to the environment, everything we do goes through the process of asking the right questions. It isn't easy, and it comes at a price. Today, a lot of emphasis is put on the environmental struggle of global warming. While this is undeniably happening, our mission is to help on all aspects of sustainability: economy, social responsibility and the environment. We want everyone to know that we will be transparent in our actions and do as much as possible to develop our sustainable practices. 

When it comes to choosing projects or working with partners, we have a no tolerance policy to all forms of discriminations. We say no to a cooperation if our values are not aligned and we dedicate ourselves fully to the ones that we join forces with. To recognize those that we work with and has proven to be truly exceptional, we have an award program called WINGS Heroes which you can read more about here.

WINGS do not have a religious or political agenda but a humanitarian vision to change the world to the better. We believe strongly in diversity and how each piece of the puzzle matters.