When we grow up, we read and learn about fictional heroes. But we don’t hear enough about the heroes in the real world. They are out there, right this second, in the townships, at sea, in the farmlands, in the mountains, in cities and in remote places far away from any safe zone. They are out there because they believe that they can change the world to the better. And they do. WINGS Foundation wants to shine a light on the heroes that we meet on our journey and grant the ones that are truly exceptional in their field with the highest award that we can give.

Robyn 1

Robyn Szymanski

Cape Town Manager, SAVE Foundation

Education & Sports in the townships of Cape Town, South Africa.

James 1

James Nadiope

Chief Executive Officer, Africa Sustainable Tourism Care Foundation

Sustainable charity projects and tourism for remote villages in Uganda.

Mane & Kyle

Mane & Kyle

Volunteers, IVHQ

Combined efforts of life-changing Medical Care in rural Ghana.

Hunter 1

Hunter Halder

Founder, ReFood

Redistributing food to the ones in need.

Full interview here:

William 1

William Salles

Football Coach, Escolinha de Futebol

Teaching children football in the Cantagalo Favela of Rio de Janeiro.

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José 1

José Servetto

Volunteer Host, IVHQ Argentina

Taking care of volunteers with the greatest smile and attitude we have encountered.

"Peace and love forever."

Pia 1

Pia Rehbein

Host, AirBnb

Took fantastic care of David and Julia in a critical situation.

Rafaela 1

Rafaela Sallo

Volunteer Host, IVHQ Peru

Crossing cultures in the Andean Mountains.

Heather 1

Heather Graham

Execute Director, Casa Guatemala

In charge of a Children’s Home who provides education, accommodation and health services for 300 kids… and a few dogs.

Carlos 1

Carlos Ardon

Safety & Security Officer, Save the Children

Keeping staff, office and their mission safe and secure.

Carolina 1

Carolina Bendaña

Program Director, IVHQ Mexico

Managing projects in Merida with excellence and great energy.

Victoria 1

Victoria Zegler

Storyteller, Save the Children US

Capturing the incredible work of Save the Children.

Michael & Devron 1

Michael & Devron

Prime Supporters, WINGS Foundation

Being truly inspiring and real while placing a crucial donation of 27,135 SEK in a time of need.

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Rumi Kumari

Survivor of Child Trafficking

Saved hundreds of children from the same trauma that she escaped from.


Deepak Pokharel

Trekking Guide, WINGS Foundation

Assisting our efforts in the Himalayas with a great love for the mountains and the surrounding nature.