Cape Town, South Africa
SAVE Foundation
Surf & Skate

WINGS Foundation has supported SAVE Foundation with 50,856 SEK ($6,100* USD) to their Surf & Skate charity programs, which has been spent to buy 15x surfboards and 5x skateboards. The aim of these programs is to give the children from the township Dunoon a better alternative after school, than a dangerous, violent community. 

"My name is Rowen and I'm from the township called Dunoon. It's not good growing up there because it can turn kids like us into gangsters. Surfing is important to me because it gives me a great experience in life."

Imagine sitting at home in a dangerous township, where after 19.00, things get really ugly. Knives and drugs are common. You live in a shack with no real way to lock your door and sometimes you hear the sound of gunshots through the night. All of the sudden, someone sets your house on fire. This is what happened to Kyle, pictured below. He is 12 years old. His home burned to the ground and he lost everything. A bed to sleep in, identification, school uniform, underwear; the list goes on. Nothing left. His family asked the principal of his school to reach out for help and he did. But no one answered. Except WINGS and SAVE. Our hearts were torn to pieces and we joined forces to prepare a big care-package consisting of everything that the family needs, from a new school uniform for Kyle, to blankets for him and his family. WINGS also went over budget to purchase brand new beds and accessories as they were all sleeping on the chilling ground. We used the strength of our WINGS for a single child. Because we believe that if we change the life of one, we have changed the world entire.

South Africa 1
South Africa 2

Fort Portal, Uganda
WINGS Water Station

WINGS Foundation have donated 42.236 SEK (6.501 AUD) to African Development Aid & ASTCF in order to build a water station that filtrates dirty water into clean, drinkable water for 4.000~ people. A natural spring of water comes into a 5.000 liter tank where we have put several layers of different materials to filtrate the water from the bottom and up. All of the materials are natural, meaning no chemicals added and it still takes away 99,9% of the bacteria. There is one tap for normal use and one outlet releases water in case the tank gets full. As the water is heavy to carry, we built a staircase for the locals to utilize. We also hosted our first volunteer team for more than 53.724 SEK (over 6.500 USD). For our efforts, we have been honored and endorsed by the government of Uganda.

Uganda 1
Uganda 2

Greater Accra Region, Ghana
International Volunteer HQ
Photography | Volunteer Programs

WINGS Foundation has started our relationship with IVHQ by assisting their projects with photography, feedback and hands on contributions. IVHQ is the biggest volunteer abroad organization in the world, having hosted over 90.000 volunteers since 2007 in over 40+ destinations.

Ghana 1
Ghana 2

Lisbon, Portugal
International Volunteer HQ
Photography | Volunteer Programs

WINGS Foundation has continued to work on our partnership with IVHQ. We chose Portugal because we want to do the hardest thing possible - challenge the attitude of the industry. In your eyes, is charity "only" about helping the poor in Africa or the refugees crossing the sea..? Or is charity a lifestyle, where you simply care about others? Humanitarian work is not about the rich helping the poor. It's about a person helping another but it is much more mutual than how charity is normally portrayed in first world countries. “We” are no better than “them”. But together, we can make the planet into a better place for all. WINGS are bringing all these stories back to Sweden and other first world countries for the younger generation to interpret and to react to. That's where we believe we will make the biggest change possible.

Portugal 1
Portugal 2
Portugal 3
Portugal 4

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
EduMais & Escolinha de Futebol
Education & Sports

At one of our partner schools in Sweden, Tibble Gymnasium, a youth company named WINGS Youth fundraised 8.750 SEK (1.000~ USD) during a school year and donated all towards our cause in Rio de Janeiro. For these funds, we have utilized the power of education and football to keep children off the violent streets in the favela Cantagalo. We purchased 45 backpacks for 45 kids, each containing: 10 pencils, 1 notebook, 1 pencil case, 1 pencil sharpener, 3 erasers, 1 pen and a translated letter in Portuguese. We also donated 7 footballs, 50 water bottles and a football net. It was all completed with the help of Danielle, Nikola, EduMais, Escolinha de Futebol, Diana and William.

Brazil 1
Brazil 2

Cordoba, Argentina
International Volunteer HQ
Photography | Volunteer Programs

Argentina 1
Argentina 2

Paposo, Chile

WINGS worked together with EFTG, a local organization based in Taltal, Chile. We funded a renovation of a public square and a lookout point in a remote community called Paposo.

Chile 1
Chile 2

Cusco, Peru
International Volunteer HQ
Photography | Volunteer Programs

Peru 1

Rio Dulce, Guatemala
Casa Guatemala
A Children’s Home

WINGS worked together with Casa Guatemala, a children’s home for up to 300 kids. We sponsored a renovation for their storage facilities and we bought a brand new stove for their kitchen.

Guatemala 1
Guatemala 2

All over the country, El Salvador
Save the Children
Photography & Combating Child Trafficking
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El Salvador 1

Merida, Mexico
International Volunteer HQ
Photography | Volunteer Programs

Mexico 1

Manila, Philippines
Save the Children
Photography & Combating Malnutrition
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Philippines 1

Remote villages, Myanmar
Living Water
Photography | Education & Orphanages

Myanmar 1
Myanmar 2
Myanmar 3

4 different states, India
Save the Children
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Tolka, Nepal
WINGS Foundation
Sports & IT

We have established Pia & Michael’s Sportstation and Eric’s IT-Department, while enhancing the already built ”David’s Library”, with new carpets and books. The sporting station is a playground for everyone and we have used the power of sports to battle gender inequality. Amongst other initiatives, we started WINGS Wednesday for Women as a rule in the school and now the football court is reserved only for women to utilize between 13.20 and 14.00 on Wednesdays. The 15 iPads brings them years forward in this modern world and we have provided 100~ lessons to the teachers and the upper grades. Both the Sportstation and IT-department was made possible due to a fundraiser from Kevingeskolan who engaged their entire school in this initiative.