WINGS Foundation is a non-profit based in Sweden who connects the younger generation to genuine charity efforts. Our vision is to change the world together with the youth and create a ripple effect which is bigger than ourselves. On the long term agenda, we intend to complete three major projects; Children of the World, Animals of the World and Our Home. During these projects, we connect and inspire thousands of young people through fundraising programs and meanwhile use our momentum to combat issues we have back home, such as depression, bullying, racism and gender inequality. Abroad, we work with both local and international organizations to achieve our goals.

We have just completed our first major project: Children of the World. WINGS have fundraised and donated 250.000 SEK to charitable causes in 15 different countries while also donating thousands of high quality images from over 50+ projects worldwide, a value above 500.000+ SEK.

Since coming home, we can now say proudly that we have helped over 20.000 children in 19 countries since we started.



We realised quickly that our actions at WINGS might and could cause harm. Every action has consequences, often ones we don't intend.

To avoid causing unnecessary harm to the environment, everything we do goes through the process of asking the right questions. It isn't easy, and it comes at a price. Today, a lot of emphasis is put on the environmental struggle of global warming. While this is undeniably happening, our mission is to help on all aspects of sustainability: economy, social responsibility and the environment. We want everyone to know that we will be transparent in our actions and do as much as possible to develop our sustainable practices. 

As an example, going to 15 countries in a year does some heavy damage to the environment. We travelled by public transport for a total of 160 hours while taking the plane for 117. We aim to be even better in the future and reduce our imprint.

When it comes to choosing projects or working with partners, we have a no tolerance policy to all forms of discriminations. We say no to a cooperation if our values are not aligned and we dedicate ourselves fully to the ones that we join forces with. To recognize the individuals that we work with and has proven to be truly exceptional, we have an award program called WINGS Heroes which you can read more about here.

WINGS do not have a religious or political agenda but a humanitarian vision to change the world to the better. We believe strongly in diversity and how each piece of the puzzle matters.



How come a small organization like ours have managed to work in 19 countries all over the world? Why do we dare to use big words such as Children of the World and Our Home for our projects? Are we that ambitious or are we just mad?

Our answer is sadly not only inspirational but also contains a lot of pain. The main reason comes from a childhood trauma, watching his sister become anorectic and then develop suicidal behaviors, our Founder David just wanted to hide from the world. When he was 19, he went to South Africa to flee from it all and instead found his passion, combining photography and charity work. Since then, David has been traveling the world while involving the youth of Sweden in his efforts to make a difference on multiple levels. The quote “be who you needed when you were younger” is probably the best explanation of what he is trying to do, as he wishes someone would have shown up for him and his sister when the times were really rough. Not necessarily to tell the brother & sister what to do, but simply state that they are not alone and that a better world is worth fighting for.

You might ask yourself: why on earth is this story being told on a website?

Truth is, a big portion of what we do is to connect the youth from countries like Sweden to our charity projects because early on, we have realized that we have problems too. Depression. Bullying. Racism. Gender inequality. WINGS are using the momentum of inspiration to talk about these topics and showing the youngsters what is possible if you believe in yourself. In this way, we create a ripple effect of good and we hope to save children from the trauma that Johanna and David experienced growing up.